Bunk Beds and Babymoons

In the last few weeks, Michael and I have gone full steam ahead into our role as soon-to-be parents. For a long time, we had discussed the possibility of taking a Babymoon (a trip, usually take by parents during pregnancy, to relax before the storm), but didn’t know if we’d be able to. Thankfully, we pulled it together and took a very short, last-minute trip to Cancún, where we stayed at an all-inclusive resort.

I have to say, there’s something extra magical about a Babymoon where you aren’t limited on your beverage drinking abilities.

Originally, Michael and I set ground rules for our trip: no discussing work and no discussing all of the remaining action items we needed to complete for our adoption. I give us credit for making it two days in and still adhering to the rules, but by three days in we were ready to talk about what was next. For the last year of our lives, the ambiguity of what comes next has been all-consuming.

After coming home, we knew we had to get to work, but we started with the fun stuff — decorating Yuan’s room. To be honest, we’ve put this off for so long, because it feels like the first tangible thing in our home that makes it all real. Having it be real is beautiful, but having it be real when there was still a chance it could fall through would have been crushing. I suppose you never really know, but we’re at a place where we feel like we can really start to do those things.

Last Saturday, we went to Ikea to look for a bunk bed. We’d been talked into it by the incredible mom’s who have given me advice, and in my deep desire to be a cool mom, I caved. Michael had his eye on a massively tall bunk bed with a full-size bed — the kind of bunk bed that a full-grown adult can stand under. Way too tall for a five year old. I, being who I am, stood in front of that bunk bed for nearly an hour. At one point, I flagged down a woman to get her opinion. Michael was mortified.

Me: Excuse me…

Her: *looks confused*

Me: Excuse me… Ma’am…

Her: *looks more confused*

Me: Have you ever raised a five year old before?

Her: Yes…

Me: Will this bunk bed make us cool parents, or is this too much bed for a five year old?

While the mutual consensus is that the bed was cool, but that it was a lot, we opted for a smaller, less dare-devilish bunk bed with safari themed sheets. We hope he likes it, but I guess we’ll find out when he sees his room in the photo album.

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